Skipping the Magical Holiday

It’s almost that time! The most magical day of  the year! The best day, which falls in dreary February, brightening the life of all women….

Half Price Chocolate Day! (no, not Valentine’s Day, silly reader.)

However, this year I am going to be abstaining from my favorite of the minor holidays. Because this year, I am going to do a health challenge.

I’ve needed to get my health back on track, this we have discussed. I’m not Catholic, but growing up, my family observed the “Giving up something for Lent” process. And this year, I’ve decided that I’m going to do it again. It’s an accepted time period to do these kinds of challenges, which makes the explaining of things easier, and it’s tied to something ingrained in my life, which I feel will help fool my brain into actually getting this done.

So, from February 14 until April 1, I’m challening myself to give up processed sugar, all dairy, and to eat as much “whole, real food” as possible. To get my lifestyle change jumpstarted, and to get all of the lingering cravings out of my system.

Dairy is especially important to cut, as I’ve found that I’m actually allergic to dairy, which means that it is actively impedeing the process of healing from my ulcers. I read an article over the weekend that the University of Michigan has completed research that said cheese sets off the same receptors in the brain as opioids, which to me means that I need to be very diligent about getting that aspect of my health on track. 

I’m looking forward to taking this step, and checking back in on how I’m doing over the next 40-some days.

Are you doing any health challenges in the near future?


2 thoughts on “Skipping the Magical Holiday

  1. A couple of years ago my family and I did Whole 30. It was a lot of work shopping for approved products and prepping everything. But my biggest take away from the whole thing is how conscious I am of what is in food. So many things have added sugar or other sweetener. Now I mainly shop the outside edge of the grocery store. Good luck!

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