The Best Laid Plans

Well, despite my best efforts, the bulk of my resolutions have not been going well. About the only one that has is giving up processed sugar – which let’s face it, isn’t too shabby.

Work has been 12 hour shifts for the last nine days – and these are intense “save the world” type shifts, because of the work I do. I’m also the most experienced, which means that I haven’t disconnected since the emergency started. And still, I have done well with my sugar plan! A few slip ups, but we’ve gotten right back on the wagon, and I haven’t been craving it.

Cheese, on the other hand, has been more difficult. The cafeteria at work is littered with it – and the non-cheese options actually give my stomach a worse reaction than eating cheese in the first place (go figure). So I’ve been grabbing what I can, and being glad for it. Couple that with a partner who just lost his best friend suddenly to a serious illness she’d kept quiet… and well, he gets whatever comfort food he wants right now. Usually in the form of pizza.

I intend to get back on (well, off, really) the cheese wagon. And keep going on the sugar free zone.

And in the meantime, I will celebrate the fact that for the first time ever, I own my car outright. And that I have handknit one half of a lovely pair of kilt hose (and I’ve just taken a break from casting on the other half- no sock curse for me!)

I hope whatever changes you all have been making have been going well, and that you have plenty to celebrate.


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