October is my favorite season. 

I love October. The weather (when it cooperates), the Halloween decorations… it makes me unreasonably happy. It’s also when I purchase most of my house decorations. 

White ceramic skull with gold filigree next to a flower arrangement.
Like this little number right here.

This side table is right across from my favorite seat in the house, so it’s always visible. I’ve already decided that this skull is going to stay up year round. I may reconsider if having it all the time makes it feel less special, but I don’t think that will be the case. 

The new budget has severely curtailed my October decoration spending, which is a little sad this year. But there will always be more Halloweens, and plenty more skulls and witchy things to add to my collection. At the rate my first line of credit is being paid down, I can hardly complain. It’s been extremely gratifying to watch that number continue to drop. 

So now you know my guilty pleasure is cute-ish skull related things. What tempts you to break the budget?


It Begins

It’s been quite a long time. I fell away from trying to blog. However, based on new information, I obviously need to work on blogging more.
The whole story started, really, with an emergency room trip. The only time I’d ever been to one before had been for one of several falls – sprained ankles that might have had a broken bone.

This one was for a great deal of abdominal pain. Several months (and quite a hefty medical bill later), the diagnosis comes back as ulcers. Work has been stressful. Life has been stressful. The stress had manifested in a very real, painful way.

So I’m having to, essentially, start over with how my life works, exactly. First of all, no more dairy, which is a pretty terrible fate. I’m overweight, so I need to work on that. And somehow, I need to lower stress. This involves developing better coping mechanisms for work and personal stress, and getting my budget back in order.

About the only thing that I’m getting to keep unscathed is my Netflix account, and my knitting!

So, please feel free to join me as I try to figure all of this out!